Lisa saved me thousands of dollars in my divorce by discovering how my savings had been depleted through a review and analysis of my financial records. Lisa never questioned me when I insisted that thousands of dollars had been depleted by my spouse. Instead, she validated my request by finding the missing money. As a result of her hard work and experience in tracing income and assets which I was unable to figure out on my own, I was able to get a credit for the thousands of dollars of my hard earned savings spent by my spouse without my knowledge or consent. When she presented the other side with her findings, they were forced to settle the matter on my terms. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Lisa as an attorney and have asked her to represent me in post-divorce modification actions as I know she will get the job done.

- Bill C.

Lisa advocates for her clients as if it were her own situation. She knows the law and knows how to apply it. Lisa assisted me through a difficult custody matter and handled it professionally and made sure every issue was brought to the judge's attention. I would recommend her highly!

- Christine C.

At the beginning of a divorce that I didn't want, I was extremely emotional fearful, and overwhelmed that I was going to come out of my divorce with nothing. Right from the beginning Lisa fought for me and my kids, and when my spouse refused to negotiate in good faith, we had to take the case to trial. She was always honest about my options and likely outcome during the case saying to me that "you didn't hire me to tell you what you want to hear, my job is to tell you what you can realistically expect". The other lawyer charged much more for her services that what Lisa charged me despite the fact that Lisa was much more prepared. Lisa left no stone unturned in preparing for trial and her dedication and efforts on my behalf had such a calming influence on me. Lisa succeeded in obtaining a result that will make me and my kids financially secure for life. I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer to fight for me.

- Cynthia F.

I knew that I had chosen the right lawyer for my case the first time Lisa represented me at a motion hearing during my divorce case when she forcefully advocated for me and persuasively hit back at opposing counsel's arguments and negative comments about me. It was clear that Lisa was well respected by other attorneys and people who worked at the courthouse based upon what I observed during the times when we were in court. I was never left wondering what was going on with my case and she always took my calls or answered my emails right away. Because of the results she has achieved for me and my children I have referred Lisa to anyone who is going through a divorce. Everyone I have referred her to feels the same about her skills as a lawyer and how she fights for them. I wouldn't even consider anyone other than Lisa to represent me in a divorce case.

- Tom C.

Lisa represented me during a very contentious divorce where my Husband stopped paying me support as well as the mortgage on our house. If Lisa hadn't been the excellent tenacious advocate she was and gone to court numerous times. The house would have gone into foreclosure and I wouldn't have received any money for the house. I was able to start over due to her efforts on my behalf. She is a great lawyer who gets the job done. Lisa will be supportive every step of the way.

- Kerry R.

I felt so secure in Lisa's ability to advocate for me and well represented during one of the most difficult times in my life due to Lisa's strength, dedication and hard work on my behalf. My case lasted longer than usual and ended up being tried due to my spouse's unwillingness to comply with court orders and rulings that at times would have frustrated the best of attorneys. Lisa kept her composure, never let up, and never gave up on me and my case. Her trial skills were amazing, and the result of her hard work and professional experience showed in the successful outcome I received after trial. On a personal level, Lisa's good humor, upbeat attitude and kindness toward me and concern about my well-being during this process made me admire her that much more, not only as an attorney but as a person. I couldn't have hired a better attorney.

- Patricia P.

When I decided to file for divorce my mind was in a million places. I was struggling to keep it together just enough to keep my job and take care of my kids. Lisa was able to sort through everything I told her and then put her focus where it needed to be. The division of assets was complicated in my divorce and I honestly had no clue that some of the assets existed and that I was entitled to half of them. Lisa was very effective and knowledgeable. She didn't overwhelm me. Instead she gave me very specific tasks to do (such as gather documents and fill out financials). Lisa worked so hard with subpoenas and financial experts and as a result my children and I have the financial support that we need. Margaret Atwood stated it well when she said that, "A divorce is like an amputation: You survive it, but there's less of you." I survived and the damage was minimal thank to Lisa.

- Kathy C.